No! We actually provide a leasing model in parallel with our normal sales model. We ensure you that we are equally competitive to our competitors in the market.
No. All our components draws direct power from the car’s battery. If the car engine is turned off,our devices has internal battery which is able to power itself with intelligent profiles to last up to 3 days. This way,your car’s battery will not drain out.
Any changes in fuel level is logged by our system. This may happen during refueling (with the increase of fuel), normal driving of car (with the decrease of fuel) and sudden drop in fuel (with fuel theft). By comparing mileage traveled with the fuel consumed, you will be able to better manage the refueling frequency and detect fuel theft with the ease of graphs being generated by Galooli’s software.
Contact us at for more information. We will refer you to a distributor that is located in your region and the distributor will follow up with you.
GPS tracking uses a vehicle tracking system, an electronic device installed in a vehicle, to enable the owner or a third party to track the vehicle’s location. Most modern vehicle tracking systems use GPS modules for accurate location of the vehicle. Vehicle information sent as coordinates can be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or specialized software.

With the GPS coordinates, you will be able to see the location of your fleet on a map with the address on it.

Today, fleet managers live in a world of fluctuating fuel costs, tight budgets and increased scrutiny. Average isn’t good enough. Fleet managers must find smart ways to reduce operational expenses, eliminate redundancies and improve their operating expenses.

A stepping stone is to get a Galooli telematics system that suits your needs by helping you to smartly manage your system.

Maintenance costs rank second in terms of operating expenses, right behind fuel expenditures.1 Breakdowns can almost always be traced to poor preventive maintenance. Considering vehicle/equipment downtime costs on average at least $100 per hour, preventive maintenance is not optional for fleet managers wishing to maintain a profitable fleet.2


Fuel levels can be retrieved either directly from the fuel tank with a new external sensor, fuel tank level sender or the engine computer. We possess the technology to retrieve the amount of fuel from these 3 locations. With custom personalized events alert system, you will be able to decide when you will be alerted (fuel drops,refuel).

Our system is able to extract the fuel consumption for 1 vehicle or your whole fleet and generate reports in just a few clicks. No more manual data collection with boring excel sheets!

With the Dallas key or a keypad, drivers will have to identify themselves before starting the engine. Unauthorised users will be deterred from operating the wrong vehicle. An option of integrating a breathlyzer is also possible.

From driver’s behaviour(sharp turns,excessive acceleration) to fuel management, our system is able to capture all these details to generate useful alerts and reports.

If our system is being tampered, the immobiliser will automatically stop the vehicle from moving. On top of that,we also have a counter measure. If an anti-jamming system is detected, the immobiliser will be activated and prevent the vehicle from further maneuvers.

With an advance system, you do not have to worry that your vehicles will be mistreated.

In order to operate your fleet optimally, you need to have accurate and timely information. Excessive information will be redundant. Our system will help you to monitor the following:

1) Real time fuel

2) Vehicles/equipment maintenance

3) Driver management – Good driving maintenance can improve fuel efficiency by 20% according to EPA 1

4) Warranty and maintenance dates scheduling

5) Real time maintenance


A Geofence is a virtual perimeter on a geographic area using a location-based service, so that when the geofencing vehicle enters or exits the area, an alert can be generated. The alert can contain information about the location and speed of the vehicle and may be sent to a mobile telephone or an email account.
Reactive maintenance is maintenance done when the vehicles run until they break and require repairs while
Proactive maintenance deals with potential problems before it arise keeping vehicles always running in the top form.

With good proactive maintenance, it can reduce costs related to unscheduled downtime repairs by at least 25%. Poor maintenance can lessen the life expectancy of parts by up to 30%.

These values may seem small but when accumulated and multiplied over the size of your fleet, it becomes sizable. As this list is non-exhaustive,contact us to find out if Galooli suits your needs!

The Zon platform is a windows based software. There is no special requirements needed from the PC. We currently offer a web platform & smartphone application.
Not a problem. Our device is able to store up to 8000transmission (=3 to 4 days of information). Once triton K2 receives mobile coverage,the information will be downloaded to the server and no information is lost.
Vehicle tracking allows surveillance over any vehicle (ships,heavy machineries,cars) that you are not driving yourself and enables you to
know instantly when there is misuse by drivers or passengers. Fleet managers are deploying these telematics tools to manage and observe their vehicles. With these equipments, fleet managers are able to monitor vehicle (i.e. fuel,engine etc.) and driver activity.